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PTV Show

What is the PTV Show? - It is an annual event, sponsored by Trailsnet LLC, where Personal Transportation Vehicle users, collectors, owners, stores, rental shops & manufacturers can get together and view the latest and greatest PTVs.

What are PTVs? – Personal Transportation Vehicles include bikes, tandems, recumbents, stand-up vehicles, carving vehicles, exercise vehicles, electric vehicles and much more.

When is the PTVshow? – The 2013 PTV Show will be held on Saturday, September 14. PTV rides will be held between 9 am & noon and the PTV Show will begin at 11:00 am and end at 3:00 pm. Don’t forget the Louisville Oktoberfest held at the Steinbaugh Pavilion in Old Town Louisville starting at 4:00 pm.

Who will attend the PTV Show? – The Personal Transportation Vehicle Show is for people of all ages and interests. Everyone is welcome to attend. Even if you’ve never ridden a Personal Transportation Vehicle (highly unlikely), you’ll be amazed by the incredible diversity, inventiveness, uniqueness & practicality of some of these machines.

How much does the PTVshow cost? – For 2013, the PTVshow is absolutely free. It’s free for visitors, vendors, manufacturers, riders, everyone. A few manufacturers & retail outlets will sign on as sponsoring partners to help pay for the cost of the park, banners & advertising. But for everyone else, this one’s on the house.

Where is the PTVshow? – Louisville, Colorado is the proud host of the annual PTVshow. Louisville is conveniently located between Denver & Boulder, CO and makes a beautiful and friendly location for such a worthwhile and enjoyable event. The show will be held in the Louisville Community Park with convenient access to Coal Creek Trail, Main Street  in Old Town Louisville, and local restaurants & other businesses. Below is a map showing the location of Louisville’s Community Park, the home of the annual PTVshow:

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Getting to the PTVshow in Louisville – Louisville is located right off of highway 36 that runs between Denver & Boulder. Use the map above to help locate the best route or enter the address 955 Bella Vista Drive, Louisville, CO into Google Maps. Of course, we highly recommend using human powered transportation or public transit such as RTD or a combination of both. Louisville has a great collection of trails for riding bikes or walking. Bus service between Denver & Boulder runs quite frequently with regular stops at McCaslin Boulevard, the stop for Louisville. Bikes are allowed on RTD buses. If the front rack is full, you can stow your bike in the luggage compartment under the bus.

PTVshow Events – For the 2013 PTVshow, we will have PTV rides before, during and after the show. Most of these rides will be trail rides, but you should also be able to find a group of road riders, too. During the show, you are welcome to wander the park looking at the incredible Personal Transportation Vehicles. Enjoy the food provided by food truck vendors. Feel free to visit with PTV manufacturers, owners, retailers & enthusiasts. After the PTV Show, we invite you to venture a few blocks away into Old Town Louisville. A fascinating place any time, it is especially festive on this day because of the annual Oktoberfest being held at the Steinbaugh Pavilion on Front Street. (one block east of Main Street – Just follow the sounds of festivities.)




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PTV Show Information

PTV Show (Edit Page) What is the PTV Show? - It is an annual event, sponsored by Trailsnet LLC, where Personal Transportation Vehicle users, collectors, owners, stores, rental shops & manufacturers can get together and view the latest and greatest PTVs. In its first year, PTV Show was already ranked among the top ten festivals in the …

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Event Schedule

Schedule of PTV Events 8:00am – 11:00am -> Fun rides in and around Louisville. Come join a group & meet fun folks!! 10:00am – 11:00am -> Event setup for those displaying PTVs & PTV products. 11:00am – 3:00pm -> Enjoy browsing the Personal Transportation Vehicles, talking to friendly folks, eating food-truck delicacies and having a …

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PTV Show Rides

Personal Transportation Vehicle Ride Routes Enjoy a great bike, tandem, electric bike, recumbent, stand-up vehicle, cruiser, etc. ride before the annual Personal Transportation Vehicle Show. Choose from many ride options from short to long, trail to road, easy to hard. The best part is that each of these rides starts and ends at Louisville Community …

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Year-Round PTV Display

Personal Transportation Vehicle Colorado Display This service allows your company the option to have a permanent presence in Colorado without actually opening up your own storefront. PTV Show will display your vehicle in a public location, store your vehicle when not being displayed, show your vehicle to potential customers and retailers and display your vehicle …

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taco & french fries

Food Vendors

Food Vendors at the PTV Show Although the personal transportation vehicles come from all over the world, the food is from local eateries. And you’re going to love it!! Louisville, Colorado has some of the best restaurants in the entire state, and we have invited some of them to provide food for the show.  Starting …

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PTV Show Survey

Survey for Personal Transportation Vehicle Show We want the PTV Show to be perfect, so your input is important. Whether you’re a spectator, manufacturer, retailer or vendor, we’d like to hear from you with suggestions to make our first show a success. The survey only has four questions and should take only a couple minutes …

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